Thursday, February 19, 2009

Fur Rondy and Iditarod

The next two weeks are Fur Rondy which is a winter festival here in Anchorage ending with the kickoff of the world famous dog sled race the "Iditarod". If your in Anchorage for Fur out I'll be visiting lots of the different activities myself, taking pictures & giving out freebies of my candies! Although these are mini bites of White chocolate Oreo cookies candies Yes two in a box to be giving out plus I'll be giving out Dark Chocolate Truffles, chocolate lollipops and also will be handing out the "Blonde Bombshell cookie". Totally awesome way for folks to get a taste of my gourmet desserts! Plus what a fun way to advertise my online shops! Low cost- high impact and I get to have fun too! I'm be the one with a huge bag of treats handing out small white boxes with truffles or bites in them, & clear bags with cookies. I be the one wearing a red jacket, black gloves, and black hat and plaid scarf! So come on over to Fur Rondy and all the activities and Make sure you get your freebie of a delightful gourmet dessert!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Just call me chicken...

Wings, thighs, breast. Roasted, fried, broiled, baked, and even B.B.Q Any the the above cooking methods are good. Some fix one way are healthier for you than others. We eat lots of chicken. I only like the white meat, although I will eat most chicken pieces except for maybe legs. Legs don't appeal to me. Legs are for kids not adults LOL. My mom made the best fried chicken when I was a kid. I never learn how to really do 'fried chicken'. Sorta fell into that same grouping as pie crusts. I can't make a homemade pie crust to save my soul. And I remember when I first was married and did the ole Shake & Bake chicken...omg that haunts me to think of that gross faked fried chicken. All other cooked items I excel at, so why not fried chicken or pie crusts? Guess everyone needs an item that just isn't for them to cook. I do an awesome BBQ chicken, my roasted chicken is next to heaven, and my crispy chicken broiled is also a favorite. My chicken dinner: Roasted Breasts with French Grey Salt and spices. Bone in, and with the skin left on chicken truly is the tastiest. But boneless and skinless is healthier. And we all know fried chicken is "death". Spices add so much to any cooking Be brave and try all kinds! I also love chicken with India spice theme!

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