Friday, September 25, 2009

Slide Show CoveredinChocolate and AS2Designs

Slide Show CoveredinChocolate and AS2Designs
Originally uploaded by AS2 Designs

It was much easier to make this slideshow than it was to find out how to get it to my blog LOL.

But now that I've done it once I shall not forget!

I hope you enjoy this little bright spot of joy that I create in only a few minutes.

Learning Curves - Photography 101

When I brought my laptop computer I also purchased Photoshop Elements7.

The photographer in me cried out that it was a Must Have.  I'm still learning and exploring this wonderful program.  I hope to master it all someday.  I go slow like an old turtle understanding how certain portions of the program work and then move on to a new element.

I love this program for all it does and discovered I can do a whole host of fun - cool - unusual things to delight the even the sternest art critic.  Many of AS2Designs photos have been enhanced, altered, or still waiting in their folders for a day of play with Photoshop.

Last night I played with the slide shows one can create.

Wow it's a awesome easy to use format with just about anything you need for a presentation.  I was totally afraid to even try but after playing with the program for about 5 minutes I got it.  Now can't wait to create even more fun!

I am going to load up my 'masterpiece' hope you enjoy my test run!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Anchorage, Alaska Saturday Farmers Market

My farmers market only has a few short weeks left before the season of outdoor selling by the farmers ends.  I will sorely miss the fresh grown items.  The first few weeks of  June we eagerly await the few veggies that the early days of summer bring. 

As the summer months begin to become longer days each Saturday at Farmers Market new and larger veggies appear. 

I have not met a veggie that I really don't like...well except for Peas and Lima Beans.  Both are the only two that I do not like and will avoid as must as possible. 

I did come home with Green Cauliflower, as well as Purple Cauliflower, a fresh stalk of Brussels sprouts, and radishes.  Several delightful meals for the week ahead!

We already had a bag of potatoes, fresh spinach, onions, and a friend just brought us a bag over of his home grown carrots that are "rainbow colored"  Red, Yellow, Pink and Orange Carrots ~ so cool I'm going to make a Carrot soup with them all!

Folks who like Edibles