Friday, September 18, 2009

Celebrate!! Two Winners!!!!



Two Winners!!

For Septembers 'Follow My Blog'

I put the names of all who are following my blog into a big dark jar. The unexpected happen!

I Had  folded each piece of paper and threw them into a big ole black jar.  Then I had my sweet man who rides his bike every day pull a name out so I could say who won.

Well he stirred the names up, pulled up a folded piece of paper Except two had tangled. 

Since we could not decide which one was the single winner I decided to go ahead and send the two names pulled out a winner's treat!

Names will be posted shortly!!!

The winners are:


You both have WON 

Kiwi Rumba Jam 
Each of you will be receiving a 4oz jar

If the two of you would please email your mailing addresses!  
My email is:

Looking forward to sending off your Jam and hearing how you like it!

Congrats to Both 


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Life's Funny Moments & Scammers & Pet Peeves

In life you can only laugh at things that are so bazaar that occur day to day at times. 

I am pretty easy going for the most part.  I believe every human being has the right to do what ever they want in life as long as it does not involve harming another person, is not illegal, or one of the internet spams that one runs into all to often.

Having a "Gourmet Edible Shop" on Etsy I receive so many wacky requests for "FREE" products it has turned into my NUMBER ONE pet peeves of the internet world.

I always answer in a very polite manner and thank each one for their request for also say my products are Not given away for Free and try to steer them to a product that is not expensive and has low shipping if they wish to purchase for their supposely Blog Review.

Actually its a pretty good internet scam...They get a free product wheter it's food, clothing, soap, home product, garden product, items for kids or adults totally Free ~ They just send a note to the person running a business and say:

"I have a blog and want to do a review on your shop and products.  Just mail me YOUR product to write about AT YOUR cost, plus all YOUR expenses and I'll write up a sentence or two of my thoughts on YOUR product that I got for FREE".  Okay they don't exactly say it that way LOL but you get the picture.

I think I'm in the wrong business I actually work and pay for items in life!

Well here is my true thoughts on that whole thing: Ya right Eat my product that I shipped to you totally free and get a review ~ Ya buddy don't wait for a certain hot place to freeze over!

Today I receive like my 1000th request for " I have a Blog and want to review your Products"  wrote back very nicely again saying No this answer back saying "Well we don't do our reviews for free"  yadda yadda yadda, so I wrote back saying Well my products cost me money to make and ship plus I have my own blog and I have several folks who do reviews on my products already.

THEN I said I didn't care for their scam and not to write me back or I would report them the Etsy abuse for running a scam.   So I got a nasty reply back stating I was "CATTY and They would never recommend my products"  Well how can they recommend my products since I declined their scam?   

There are lots of really nice folks in the internet world of Handmade Products and people trying very hard to make a living.

THESE two women are Not part of that world!  Beware!  

Since these Two Women don't even bother to have a business on Etsy but just make a living scamming real working folks for free products who work very hard to just make ends meet selling on Etsy.  The sad part is some folks selling on Etsy fall for these scams; send out products expecting sales to follow, then are dissappointed when the blog review does nothing, except scam them.

Okay off my high horse!

I am adding a new product that received wonderful reviews!

'Elvis Has Returned'
that are nutty peanut butter and banana
if I could only find a way to fry them
keep them fresh
I could have my own scam going in seconds
Friday is also the day I do my drawing for the Blog for September and to celebrate my products going to the Emmy Awards Gifting Suite! 

Folks who like Edibles