Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Cupcakes Gone Wild ~ Lemon Coriander Vanilla or German Chocolate

Oh how I love testing day!  New recipes get me all excited in a way nothing else can. 

Tasting different new treats makes my mouth water at times !

These Lemon Coriander Cupcakes will definately make ones mouth water with the sweet and sour flavors that tease a normally sane person into eating two!

Owning about 20 recipe books you could say I have a small passion.  But my weekly visits to the library bringing home the allotted 11 books at times is enough to break my arms they are so heavy!  Depending on my mood the cookbooks could be just about cakes, or just about candy, or only certain ethnic foods.

To me each and any cookbook is a treasure to behold.

Then taking a recipe and changing it up so that you are not infringing on someone prize is another whole task. 

In this day and age very few recipes are truly unique and original.  Just walk in any bookstore or library and view the Hundreds if not thousands of books using flour, eggs, and sugar.

We all like to pride ourselves that we came up with the newest & best theory but in baking and cooking there just are so many ingredients and certain ones are the basics to any recipe and then you can add to them.  Its like being a mad scientist.

Its totally fun and intoxicating.

Folks who like Edibles