Friday, January 22, 2010

'Let Them Eat Cake'

In a household of only two people cooking recipes for 12 or even 6 becomes a challenge of what to do with the excess.  There is only so much room in our small freezer which is the top portion of the refrigerator.  In many recipes one can divide the recipe so that one does not have huge amounts that are left over.

Since the majority of my testing recipes are desserts; Well…

I send many of my trials to preselected testing folks to eat ~ as a shop who sells sweets it is really hard not to eat everything I bake.  But the saying goes ‘after awhile you don’t want to eat cake anymore’.  Now I can tell within one or two bites of a sample if it is wonderful or not.  If it makes my approval it goes to the testers.

This weekend I’m meeting several dear friends for lunch and as a surprise for Valentine’s Day I baked up a few tasty treats!

 Brownie Cheesecake:

This serves 12 folks very easily.  As with any cheesecake following the directions are the key to success!  

I also always recommend using the best ingredients.  It does not pay to scrimp on flavor or taste. Plus the end result will be well worth the smiles you receive when folks bite into your tasty meal or dessert!

One word describes this tasty morsel:


Sunday, January 17, 2010

Drooling Not Allowed or is it?

My sweetie pie was going with a friend down to Girdwood and Portage Glacier to visit some friends who work at both places and spend the afternoon out of my hair. What a better way to celebrate than a day alone to do things I like SO:

Instead of sewing I decided ~ Today was a baking day for home and family members who sometimes get special desserts because I love testing out new things!

Father in law who lives in Mill Valley was going to be treated to cookies and muffins; totally new recipes I wanted to test out.

After gathering up all basic supplies for the different recipes, I got my cookbook out and read once again over each recipe I wanted to experiment with for my tasty treats.

I choose a Pecan Cookie Bar, plus Raspberry Muffins, and Carrot Cilantro Muffins. All items I had not made before and was excited to try out!

Starting with the Pecan Cookie Bars, I followed the recipe and my mouth watered as they baked. When the time was up they look heavenly! The aroma was driving me crazy it filled the house with vanilla and that wonderful smell only cookies give a home! Since they even look like Pecan Pie I was thrilled – One of my favorite pies and rarely get since the mister is not a fan of pecan pie LOL.

I then proceeded to the muffins. Both recipes had the same basics and cooking time so I thought I would whip up the basic dough then divide and add the different main ingredients of carrots/cilantro and the raspberries for the other.

I quickly measured everything out for the dry ingredients. Using the blender to grade the carrots, I hand chopped the fresh cilantro. I mixed the two into one bowl and set aside. Measured the raspberries and set aside.

Adding the eggs and buttermilk to the dry ingredients I was happy with the texture and it even looked yummy. So I divided the dough in half and mixed each half with my different additives.

Baking for the desired time since I was making king size muffins I had to experiment with actual time…recipe called for 20 minutes for normal size muffins; it ended being an additional ten minutes for the king size.

Oh my ~ the kitchen is filled with aroma’s that are so delightful I wish you could all sit at the counter and take deep breaths in of fresh baked goodies!

I put butter on the Carrot Cilantro muffin OMG yummie!  The Raspberry muffin needed nothing!  It was sweet from the fruit.

Now I just have to decide if drooling is permitted

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