Friday, February 12, 2010

Monster Attacks ~ Slain in Kitchen

What to do when the monster attacks?


I tried to do productive things today...all failed or without much success - being an A personality this was Not Acceptable!

So I turned to my trusty oven and pantry filled with all sorts of treasures.

Bam....Bam in no time at all ~

Mouth Watering Cookies!

We have White Chocolate chip cookies

Then Chocolate White Mocha White Chip cookies

And Coconut White Chocolate Chip cookies.



My recipe bakes up 3 dozen cookies so I just divided the basic mix into 3 bowls and added either cocoa or coconut flakes.

Covered in Chocolate is working on her "Wild & Crazy Alaskan Baking Recipes" cookbook otherwise this would be a wonderful recipe to share but not today! 

Folks who like Edibles