Friday, May 21, 2010

Portage Glacier - A drive down Turnagain Arm

On Monday we took a break from our crazy life in Anchorage and drove down Turnagain Arm to Portage Glacier.

Friends were driving up from Kenai.  Plans where we would meet for a picnic lunch; catch up with life happenings and mainly enjoy the 'Breath Taking Beauty of Alaska'.

Even though the drive is only 1 1/2 hours from our house to Portage Glacier Center front doors we love stopping along Turnagain Arm to take in all the beauty of the mountains, the inlet, and especially handsome guys with their best friend.

It was windy along the arm and Miss Patches does not like wind Nor having her hair blown...she wanted back in the car!

Driving along a scenic view such as Turnagain Arm can be very can not stop every 100 yards as I wish I could to take pictures of what caught my eye.  Glacier run off and snow runoff along the mountain side of the drive was amazing!  We must have passed at least 50 waterfalls.  Several are there all summer long - So next month's drive WE do plan on stopping to get those photos!

<----- This happens to be one of my favorite mini stopping areas

 Another car had stopped at the same time - a couple about the same ages as us - we all said "isn't it beautiful today!  And that we are the luckiest folks in the world to live in Alaska. And to be surround by sites such as this!"

As we passed Girdwood I wanted to stop at the bakery but we decided that would be best at the end of the day and drive home!

I'll be posting more pictures all week long...slow and easy just as our Day Trip!

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