Friday, April 16, 2010

A Little Cocktail to Go

In Anchorage is a family that at one time owned 3 different sites under the name La Mex.  Totally awesome Mexican food I shall add! 

The oldest Location is on Spenard Road, one was on 6th Ave downtown (now closed for last several years and has been changed into some nightclub) and then they have a location on King Ave - just off Dimond Blvd.

On facebook La Mex has been running a daily contest "Win a Free Lunch" as they celebrate Cinco De Mayo which is May 5th, with a photo of a different margarita flavor for 30 days.

I seldom will enter a contest - in fact I think in my lifetime I have entered a handful.  I  did enter this one because I love the food.  Well I'm happy to report I now am the proud winner of a free lunch!  My first ever:


We will be going next week to have lunch and I'm even going to have a frozen strawberry margarita to go with my lunch!  

I plan on wearing a Cocktail Hat as my claim to fame!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Unsprung by the Snow Gods

This morning Anchorage awoke to a fresh blanket of snow.  Wow the weather station was actually correct in the forecast!  Thanks Jackie ~ please bring back the SUN!

Many of you outside Alaska may be thinking...Hey it's Alaska It Snows...wrong by mid April it should be melting not snowing LOL!  We Alaskan's want to see green by April and May have our tree's starting to bud. 

So for the record an official photo of the day "April 14, 2010 Six inches of snow at 9am"

As I mentioned yesterday my adventure of Pantry organizing ~ a glance onto a shelf of things we use.  My guy loves corn nuts...I personally can't stand them terribly salty and rock hard!  If I'm going to be bad and eat lots of salt Give me Potato Chips.  As I look at my photo I'm so glad everything is not in alphabetical order ~ at least it shows a am a tad relaxed when organizing.

P.S. another note: when I use a can good for cooking, I do rinse the veggies in fresh running cold water before use to rid them from most of the salt.  Although many company's are now selling low salt or no salt canned goods ~ so I do purchase those when available! 

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spring Cleaning and Renewing Life

Snow is melting in Anchorage, spring is in the air!  After a brief vacation from writing and recipe testing I am happy to say:


I'm also very happy to see Blogger has new templates and designs easily available for changing up our blogs.  Oh baby I love tomatoes!  Which is now my background, makes this old momma look hot!

I've cleaned out my pantry, rearranged shelves, and got the approval from my sweetie even he knows where things are again.  Over the winter that pantry became a black hole of me saying "Where is it? I know I put that in here last shopping trip!"

Today I made up a dish of homemade Hummus.  I know it's easier just to walk into the grocery store grab a small container but it's so much more fun to experiment with different beans and seasonings.

'Just barely Garlic Hummus' was is my recipe for today!

Folks who like Edibles