Friday, April 16, 2010

A Little Cocktail to Go

In Anchorage is a family that at one time owned 3 different sites under the name La Mex.  Totally awesome Mexican food I shall add! 

The oldest Location is on Spenard Road, one was on 6th Ave downtown (now closed for last several years and has been changed into some nightclub) and then they have a location on King Ave - just off Dimond Blvd.

On facebook La Mex has been running a daily contest "Win a Free Lunch" as they celebrate Cinco De Mayo which is May 5th, with a photo of a different margarita flavor for 30 days.

I seldom will enter a contest - in fact I think in my lifetime I have entered a handful.  I  did enter this one because I love the food.  Well I'm happy to report I now am the proud winner of a free lunch!  My first ever:


We will be going next week to have lunch and I'm even going to have a frozen strawberry margarita to go with my lunch!  

I plan on wearing a Cocktail Hat as my claim to fame!

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  1. Congrats!! That is wonderful. I LOVE mexican food and that is one of the best things about being here in Arizona. Glad to hear you have a good restaurant up there. Blessings to you. ~Vanessa :)


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