Friday, September 18, 2009

Celebrate!! Two Winners!!!!



Two Winners!!

For Septembers 'Follow My Blog'

I put the names of all who are following my blog into a big dark jar. The unexpected happen!

I Had  folded each piece of paper and threw them into a big ole black jar.  Then I had my sweet man who rides his bike every day pull a name out so I could say who won.

Well he stirred the names up, pulled up a folded piece of paper Except two had tangled. 

Since we could not decide which one was the single winner I decided to go ahead and send the two names pulled out a winner's treat!

Names will be posted shortly!!!

The winners are:


You both have WON 

Kiwi Rumba Jam 
Each of you will be receiving a 4oz jar

If the two of you would please email your mailing addresses!  
My email is:

Looking forward to sending off your Jam and hearing how you like it!

Congrats to Both 



  1. Ooo, lucky them! I've never seen a kiwi jam. Sounds yummy. Have a great weekend! ; )

  2. Hi Pat,
    I am soooo excited that I'm a winner in this drawing,(hmmmm, sorry if my name hung on to the winner)!!! :)

    I can hardly wait to get my lips on that kiwi jam, I have muffins just waiting to be slathered in it!!!

    Oh and anytime you need a taste tester, count ME IN! :) (just incase your hubby is just too full or out bear hunting or sumpin')!

    Thanks again, Debbie~


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