Friday, September 25, 2009

Learning Curves - Photography 101

When I brought my laptop computer I also purchased Photoshop Elements7.

The photographer in me cried out that it was a Must Have.  I'm still learning and exploring this wonderful program.  I hope to master it all someday.  I go slow like an old turtle understanding how certain portions of the program work and then move on to a new element.

I love this program for all it does and discovered I can do a whole host of fun - cool - unusual things to delight the even the sternest art critic.  Many of AS2Designs photos have been enhanced, altered, or still waiting in their folders for a day of play with Photoshop.

Last night I played with the slide shows one can create.

Wow it's a awesome easy to use format with just about anything you need for a presentation.  I was totally afraid to even try but after playing with the program for about 5 minutes I got it.  Now can't wait to create even more fun!

I am going to load up my 'masterpiece' hope you enjoy my test run!

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  1. Oooh I want to see your masterpiece!! I just love photoshop. I have never used Elements.. I use CS3 mostly but I couldnt do any of the things I do in my daily job without Adobe products. They are the best!


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