Wednesday, August 26, 2009

How does one Prepare for the Emmy's

Now that I've settled down from the news that Covered in Chocolate was a shop selected to provide products for the 2009 Emmy Awards Gifting Suites I need to choose what sweet little treats will be going. Check them out! Unfortunately my Truffles have a short shelf life because they have dairy products in them requiring being kept chilled, so are out of the running...well maybe not... the Double Mocha Hold the Latte is non dairy so it could go - lots of different ways to dress it up also, change the flavors Oh my I think I just hit on something! Several of the cookies are delightful and unusual. A big surprise for those with a palette desiring something different. Two of my cupcakes are edge breaking with a taste on the wild side. I also do dipped apples with all kinds of wonderful sweet treats covering them to enhance the mild taste of the apples. Let me tell you - it's very hard to decide what shall be in the gift packages I'm sending. I have my own favorites for when I crave sweets; should I send those or what I think others will like?
Don't forget starting September 1, I be doing a drawing for a sweet treat to go out to the lucky winner! Sign up now to be included in that drawing! All you have to do is become one of my followers!!

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  1. Oh it's all yummy ,cup cakes are my fav...tried to bake them once but lollz...



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