Monday, September 28, 2009

Surf and Turf Love Affair

We are a divided house of who likes any seafood and who like redmeat.

Even as a child not even in school I had a love affair with seafood.  I adore any fish, shellfish, and just about anything that moves in salt or fresh water.  I ate red meat although it seemed a chore. 

As I grew into an adult my red meat always had to be well cooked and I was very picky about what parts got cooked or eaten.

Seafood still remained a favorite with shrimp, crab, scallops, lobster and any type fish being the choices.  Now living in a state that 3/4th's of its border is ocean I'm in heaven.  Plus fresh water fish such as Salmon is a just about an everyday affair.  I believe I have about 50 different recipes for cooking salmon.  Then there is halibut Oh My another favorite.  These two fish will have to wait for another post I'm sorry to say.

Moving on ~

I've gotten to that stage in life where I've learned the finer arts of cooking to excite my taste buds and how to entertain those who I serve.  Plus I can pick or choose what, when and how I eat.

Sharing my life with a man who prefers red meat over seafood I have to find balance for both of us.

So the other night I cooked favorites for both of us.


I selected for me a  1/2 pound of Large Sea Scallops.

For him a  nice thick Sirloin Steak.

Sea Scallops correctly cooked are heavenly.  Wrapped in foil with a pinch of salt, pepper, and butter place on the grill are wonderful.  Pan seared in butter are heavenly.

Sirloin Steak on the grill is heavenly with fresh herbs, seasoning and a marinate.  When weather does not permit one to grill (a rainy day that we experience the night I wanted to grill his steak) a quick broil will work nicely also.

                                                                                  Pan Seared Scallops YUMOooooo!

                         Sirloin Steak with Teriyaki Marinate -medium rare

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