Monday, October 26, 2009

Reflections and Shops To Be Visited

In life I often do many things on my own.  Visit art shows, shopping, traveling, and just running around town doing different things.

I have a life partner who is as I am  ~ free  ~ we are two birds following where ever the wind blows us.  We share some common interests and but for the most part we are very different people in regards to interests.  He is heavily into ancient history BC and mine begins more in the 1700's to modern.  He world revolves around his daily bike riding and mine is the center of all things handcrafted.

One area we both enjoy is of course my cooking And we both enjoy the internet.

He is the one who started us on the internet way back in 1994.  Thinking back ~ OMG those computers where so slow lol it's a wonder that the internet survived...most likely it did only because technology was constantly changing and gets better, faster, and is the "new world" for exploring for mankind until we leave planet earth.

I love finding what others do for fun and creativity online. Belonging to a couple of selling venues, groups, and markets I am developing new friendships and finding fellow folks with same interests as myself, or their creative outlets are so much better than my own.

This week I'm going to be show casing several folks I think you need to meet!

Baubles Buttons & Beads at 1000markets  This shop has the greatest jewelry ~ old and new are mixed together in awesome pieces for your wrists, or necks and even your ears!  The shop owner has so much joy and enthusiasm it's so nice to be in the same market that Deb is!  We both belong to Victorian Crossroads at 1000markets.

Cakes by Sugar Plums over at Etsy, a classy lady whose baked goods are a pure delight to ones eyes!  Her real life shop just moved into newer and bigger quarters and even though moving is a headace, Patty remained cool and classy.  Both of us are members of Etsy's Team EEAT plus Patty and I also shared a life time thrill - SugarPlums also went to the Emmy Awards Gifting Suite!

I invite you to visit these two shops and treat yourself to something beautiful to wear on date night or something edible & unique for your tastebuds.


  1. Great post!! Patty really does create some works of art!

  2. Thank you so much for the kind words, but it is I, who is the lucky one, to be in such good company on such a wonderful Market as Victorian Crossroads!

    I'm heading over to Etsy to peek at Cakes by Sugar Plums!!!

    Big Congrats to both of you for the Emmy Awards Gifting Suite! xo Debbie~
    aka Baubles Buttons & Beads


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