Monday, November 16, 2009

Holiday Giveaway Package!

The Holidays are fast approaching!  Oh my ~ oh me!  Santa's everywhere are busy in their various shops making beautiful handmade gifts for all our loved ones!

A member of Team EEAT is having their first Giveaway for their shop located at Etsy.  Truly a very holiday special event for her.  May you have much success SugarPlums Bakery!

I thought it would be a fun idea to also do the same thing as SugarPlum's ~ Tell me and my readers about your favorite holiday!

Tell me about a holiday that was your favorite ~ it can be a happy, sad, funny, or just beautiful.  So post away contests ends Novermber 30th and I'll announce the winner on December 1st.  Then your gift package of my sweet treats will be mailed off on December 3nd.  It can be mailed as a gift to a loved one, or mailed directly to you! Arriving before christmas!  A value over $65.00!!!

A showstopper for anyone who loves receiving or giving a special gift!

The gift package includes:
kiwi jam, apple rosemary jelly, Nectarine/Plum chutney, Sweet Pepper Apple chutney, Red Caramelized Onion relish, white chocolate lollipop, chocolate bar, and a Toffee butter crunch candy.

Please note: There must be at least 6 different members to post for contest drawing! Other wise the contest drawing will be void.  So tell your friends and family about this blog and post your holiday favorite story!


  1. A favorite holiday for me was last Christmas when my husband wrote and recorded me a love song! It was fantastic and still makes me cry when he sings it to me!

  2. A email from a dear friend who is on facebook but couldn't get her story to post here so I'm doing it for her:

    MissDD's story will be counted as #2 post - its on her facebook page and I have her email.

    Ok, I am having a hard time posting this to your Blog, so I thought I would fill you in here. I am gonna post you on my facebook and do not expect to win, I just thought I would write for you to post to get others going. I know your goodies are DELICIOUS. As a matter of fact I had a half a bagel, with some cream cheese, turkey and your chutney. Love the stuff. Which reminds me I should invite Steven Over for lunch as he loves Chutney too. favorite holiday? that's easy, it is Christmas.
    And the memories.....
    Before my second Christmas, and just before I turned 1, my Mom, Dad and brother lost my brother Johnny. I have no memories of him, except stories and pictures. But my Mom, in her loss, made every Christmas Big. It wasn't just Christmas, all holidays, but especially Christmas. Her reasoning was you never know how long you have with your loved ones, so you need to make them count. We had huge trees with gifts flowing out from underneath and decorations and family and love. I grew up with this and as I grew older and got a job making my own money, I too carried on this with my family and friends. My God Children were spoiled. And now my son too.
    Last Christmas was an off one. JD was out of town, and his Mom and sister were at his brothers, and Mom was on my couch not feeling all to well. We didn't open presents, waiting for JD. Our actual Christmas wasn't until Jan 18, but my Mom was in the hospital then and it was just off not having her there. The year before, we had my Mom and JD's Dad, who was visiting Alaska with work. He stayed the night a our house on Christmas Eve and was there first thing in the morning when Jerry Ray woke up, with my Mom and JD and I , all together. It was Bug's first Christmas where he actually unwrapped his presents and enjoyed himself and it was a wonderful day. Later in the afternoon JD's brother Andy came over and brought his kids and Steve, JDs buddy was there and it was a house full of fun, family and laughs. It was also the last Christmas I got to spend with my Mom and JD with his Dad. Time flies and things happen, and in the last 2 years, JD lost his Dad, Traci lost her Dad, and I lost my Mom. It is just a reminder to hold onto those we love with both hands. I know gift buying does not show those we love that we love them, even just one day a year. But Mom always made it so wonderful and I am going to miss her so very much. And now it is my turn. I need to pass this along to my son. We have also done Angel Babies, the Salvation Army Tree's at the store, where you shop for a child, and yesterday my son picked 4 babies off the tree at Wal-Mart. I know he doesn't truly understand it yet, but he will. My God-daughter Sara, she still does them and it makes me so proud to see that too, and I know it made my Mom proud.
    So traditions I will carry on and pass to my son and anyone else who wants to join in. Hope this is what you were looking for and I hope you will be able to post it so you can get everyone sharing. Live, Laugh Love.... not just a phrase, but something we should do on a daily basis


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