Sunday, February 21, 2010

Beer, Cocktails and me

It is seldom that we drink beer.  It's not one of those items I ever liked...I grew up in a city that had two breweries.  Most of my family enjoys a good beer; I was the outcast.

Cooking with beer is a new experience for me but heard others talking about the different beers they have used in Sweet Desserts and I had to try in some of my creations.

Alaska is a budding community of brewers!  I must admit I was drawn to the label on the ones that I chose to try out.  From a brewery down in Juneau, and they do like 5 types and I selected 3 with the help of the sales clerk in the liquor store.  Alaska groceries stores do not sell any liquor, its found in a separate store.  Most are located right next door to the grocery store, or in mini malls.


The smoked porter was very heavy and dark -tried it in a beer cheese broccoli  soup and it didn't work in fact was a total mistake; the soup turned an awful brown LOL and cheese soup as we all know is a pretty yellow and since I had added the whole bottle the flavor was overwhelming - I had to toss the soup...maybe a lamb stew it would be better - needs a heavy meat to go with - next adventure in beer I will do lamb for sure I really believe it will be the perfect match!  

The Winter I totally enjoyed - I was really surprised super great flavor, we liked it so much it didn't even get to be tested in any item for cooking LOL and I have to say I've never drank a whole beer until this one - we had it with mild white fish and went very well with the total dinner!

We have not opened the White yet...I'm making enchiladas today for dinner with pulled beef so I will stir in a 1/2 cup into the meat mixture and save the rest for drinking with dinner.  We are looking forward to this.  And will make for another post.

The past week I've worked on various things...getting ready for several juried Art Shows, sewing up a few new Cocktail Hats that I been trying to fit into the schedule; plus planning on activities I will be attending for Fur Rondy which starts next week.  I love this little Cocktail number:


If your a follower and live in Anchorage: I have a photo entered into the Fur Rondy Photo Contest that is held at Sears Mall:


This handsome guy is my little guy I mention every now and then!  He is as close as a grandchild I'm ever going to have.  I'm Grandma Pat to him and that makes my heart sing let me tell ya!  On this day we were down at Ship Creek looking for salmon and within 3 seconds of walking on the boardwalk  (don't read the rest Little guys mom) but stepped in gum warmed by the sun Grrrrrr...his exact words where GRAMDMAA PAT I STEEPED IN GOMMMM!  I don't chew gum, totally dislike seeing folks chew their cuds with it and think those who just spit it out where ever should be hung by their thumbs over boiling oil with snapping sharks.  The picture keeps one guessing to what he is up to... it was snapped just before his announcement and yes we did clean off the gum.

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  1. What a cutie pie he is! We have a lot in common you and I. I very seldom chew gum, because I hate the way it looks, and I haaate stepping on it...I work at a school that has a NO GUM policy and it's all over the courtyard and every sidewalk UGH! Oh, and I don't drink beer either, my guy will offer me a drink when he tries something new and I tell him the same thing I've always told him....It tastes like beer!!! :) I looove your gorgeous hat, it's beautiful! How'd you do in the photo contest? Debbie @ Cottage Hann~Me~Downs


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