Saturday, February 6, 2010

Ice Carving and Winter Festivals

In many cities that have a long winter ~ artist of different hues make the most of temps that freezes one’s breath.

Anchorage each winter has Ice Carving Challenges, Snow carving Contests, and Dog Sled Races.  All are wonderful celebrations for winter.

Downtown Anchorage has Town Square where the Ice Carving Challenge takes place.  For those of us whose passion is photography it’s a challenge for Ice to appear in our photographs.

Day time vs night time shots bring about different area of concerns.  Lighting being the main factor; for even experienced photographers. 

As with any medium the artist at times can take liberties that admirers can overlook.  Or creates a piece that leaves one wondering to what it could be.   

Each year the ice carving artists visit from various states and even countries.  Each year my guy and I head over to see theme of that peculiar year. 


This Year the Ice Carving are truly wonderful.  Various themes each created with the joy of using Ice.  I can only say the carvers outdid themselves this year.

A dear friend of ours enters the GCI Snow Carving Contest for Fur Rondy,

a winter tradition since fur trapping days of early Gold Miners of the mid to late 1800's.  

Guy always finishes in the top 4 for snow carving!  I can’t wait to see this year’s entry by him and his wife.  And as always I’ll be posting some fun photo’s to share to those of you who live in those southern sunny beach areas.

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