Saturday, February 14, 2009

Candy Making Day

Friday I worked with chocolate. I was in the candy making mood. It's one of my more fun things to play with. Melting the chocolate, pouring into molds, waiting for it to firm up and then releasing the candy from the molds to see how they turn out is well worth it all! White chocolate with oreo cookie bits was the major project winner of the day. The first picture is my 4 pack Candy Bars, which will really appeal to the adult in all of us. Then the really fun summer time 'Sea Shore Lollipops' which brings out the child in all of us. Tasting the sweets after dinner was wonderful. I'm a true white chocolate lover...I'll pass over milk or dark chocolates in a flash if white is anywhere near. After dinner I ate the seahorse lollipop. YUMMMMMMMMMYYYYY! Thats the great part of making your own - so fresh and even if this sounds like bragging and it is - Homemade is totally good. Dang Good! I will be selling both items in my shops. and of course Blog followers get a 10% discount just mention you are on my blog as a follower in your note to seller, I'll check you name and revise the invoice for you! Simple and easy. I love things that have no fuss!

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