Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sometimes Life gets in the Way

It's been one of those weeks...real life getting in the way of my internet life. It snowed a few times again since last post. Went to store, slipped on ice and totally hurt my pride and gave myself a hand that was a bit sore. And was just posting to my groups. Short and sweet. Anyhow - So I just baked up easy things for testing and tasting this week. I have added a new wonderful yummie to my Lollishops! Chocolate covered marshies! OMG total divine, mouth watering, rock my socks tasting sweets! I added a orange extract into the marshmellow. Then covered them in dark chocolate. Of course each nite for the last few days been eating them with my after dinner coffee! HEAVEN! One of my Food network Italian cooks Loves chocolate and orange herself. You know who I mean she is just beautiful and I love watching her show esp when her aunt is helping out...such faces Giada De Laurentiis does when her beloved aunt says something Giada does not agree with. I love the Everyday Italian show. Oh heck I love all of them! I'm glued to them in the late afternoons here in Alaska. But anyhow Run - DO NOT walk - RUN over to my shop drool over my latest addition and Just so you know Easter is just around the corner and IF you want a winner I'll be doing marshies in Egg, Chick and Bunny shapes! Order up a batch now and receive 10% off. They will be $15.00 plus shipping if you don't advance order. Use code EasterAdvance#10 email me with your wishes and I'll put up a 'custom order' just for you!

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