Friday, February 6, 2009

Angels in my Garden

Angels are everywhere. Some folks believe - some folks don't. Either way is fine with me. The angels you see on Victorian cards are endearing, the full drawn angel with white flowing wings are beautiful. And the statues of angels seen in various country gardens are delightful. I know I have a whole lot of angels watching over me - it's a full time job keeping me in line and keeping me safe. Here is my version of angels: Just too darling! Drop by the shop today and order. Yes what the angels are gathered in IS white vanilla chocolate. Yes you can eat that Jewel Box! I'll will be selling the Chocolate Jewel Box shortly...we are working on the fine details of the flowers and design; when you work with melted chocolate it can wreck havoc on another color in the design when you pour additional chocolate onto the first colored chocolate. Practice makes perfect - I want the Chocolate boxes to be perfect! But then again it is so much fun to eat the practice pieces Over the weekend we will be adding a bunch of new products! We also are working on a Business Website of our very own. If you are wanting to check it out here is what we have so far: Let me know what you think. Still have to add pages of products, pricing, shipping and more but will give you the Professional Business Look that is a goal of mine.

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