Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Hump it day...bake and shake

Okay living in Alaska in winter can be fun, can be boring, can be just so cold all you want to do is curl up in blankets and watch TV and eat chocolate. My heater in car doesn't like when it gets below zero esp when its minus 8 or below. It freezes up...then when I want to go somewhere like yesterday afternoon I had to dress so I didn't freeze myself. LOL talk about looking like the Pillsbury Dough Boy and I'm a girl! My down coat only adds about 100 pounds to my back side and walking like a blimp to car must make my neighbors laugh! Climbing into my 86' blazer is a whole another dimension - we won't discuss that! So I drove to the south end of town with no heat at minus 8 degrees. Driving time 20 minutes in traffic (Anchorage is not a big town folks) Making pit stops along the way to drop off payments for bills - run inside and leave car running to get that heater warmed up - Get to the grocery store. Do my shopping and pray that the heater turns sat with sun shining on front window for good half hour. So I start up the ole blazer, fingers crossed (not really those army mittens to keep my hands warm don't allow finger crossing ) and I strain to hear that blower going for the heater. Nope Nodda, nothing... no heat. My heart does a little dip...but as I loaded the weeks' groceries into blazer, then hopped in my self wooooooooohooooo as I slammed the door the heater comes on. Mad dash home -thanking the Heater Gods all the way home, even had to take off my wool hat I was getting toasty. For those who love Stuffed Peppers: Dinner from the other night - I seldom use the green peppers they do not keep their bright color. But red peppers just pop with color and they are so much more tastier! The white rice grains against the red pepper just makes a person want to dive in and eat them all. Chop up 1/2 a red onion, a carrot, some mushrooms, add it all to the pot as the rice cooks. When rice is cooked dish into the halved peppers, cover with pre-made spagetti sauce and bake. A beautiful colorful dinner!

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