Sunday, March 8, 2009

Making Marshmallows

I only recently learn how to make home made marshmallows. Now I can't get enough of making them! I love just stirring the sugar mixture on the shop, its relaxing. Then when it is ready pouring into a bowl to cool slightly and then using the electric mixer to beat into white yummy fluff. To me it is magical that each batch turns into a pan of fluffy marshmallows. I've been sending the test samples off to a special man in my life. My partners father. He lives in California, tells me he isn't a real judge of what is good or bad if cooked, but swears he loves these treats he is getting & they are the best he has ever had, then in the next breathe tells me he Has to excerise extra hard now to maintain his high school weight. LOL for a man who is 86 years old he is in excellent shape! He was the high school PE teacher and coach for several sports before he retired. He is slender and just as cute as he can be. I just tell him if he wants just toss the treats in the trash it won't hurt my feelings or share with all his buddies down at the YMCA swimming hole that he goes to 3 times a week. He has called a couple of times now when he runs out of fresh Marshmallows and makes up some funny excuse and then I know its time to make a new batch and mail them out. Friday I made a batch of Anise flavored marshies. The ones I test tasted where really good! Soooo I know Dad will love them. I'll be adding them to my shop tomorrow. Pop on over to my Etsy shop and place your order


  1. those look great! and they sound great too mmmmm!

  2. Thanks Ethan Allen all I can say is "they are Greattttttt!"


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