Thursday, May 7, 2009

Cookies, Chocolate, and Living the Good Life

My mother taught me the how to cook, my father taught me joy of eating what I cooked, then my grandmother taught me to love cooking. As a beginner cook I always thought cookies were the best thing to bake. Cakes you just baked once. Cookie baking lasted all day long. It was an afternoon delight filling the house with wonderful smells and aroma's. Neighbors would drop by to have a cup of coffee and taste the latest batch of cookies. With the new cookbook I purchased last week, I tried a new recipe withlots of my own twists to it. I'm naming the cookie after my father. Has many of his favorites.
"Myles to Go"
It's a mocha chocolate chunk candied cherry almond nut cookie. A dozen of these cookies will be available for ordering at my shop at Etsy.

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