Saturday, May 2, 2009

Cookbooks: Heaven & Sin

I have a confession. I'm a cookbook junkie. Today I was out and doing some general shopping when out of the corner of my eye I spied cookbooks for a price I could not pass up. About 6 different titles but the one that really made my heart sing was "Perfect Chocolate". As I was checking my list of 'do I need this' - 'do I want this' - 'do I buy this' - 'will I really use it if I buy this'. Well of course I threw the book in my cart after scanning through the pages of the book and several recipes pictures just blew me away. Each recipe has some form of Chocolate in it. Totally heaven if I say so! For a sinful price of only $5.00 I have an additional 100 recipes that Chocolate stars in. Two cheesecake recipes really stand out and of course I'm going to try those right off! Then there were 3 cookie recipes. One day in my dream home I will have a whole room just off my kitchen for all my little kitchen gadgets plus designer bookcases from pecan wood for all my cookbooks.

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