Monday, April 27, 2009


Oh my I can't believe I have not posted for almost a month! Yipes...that's what happens when you get sidetracked with new computer, new programs, and new venue for selling some of my other products. I want to thank everyone who are "followers" of my blog and I love having comments left for me! Thank you Thank you! As many of you know I send my sweeties father many of my trial items to taste out for me. LOL he has become a food junkie I confess I turned this man into a food junkie. He was a normal man who had few wants in life. Now he calls every week and mentions how much he liked this or that item I sent to him. Had to send more marshmallows to him and more candy bars to him. He sounded desperate when he said he was out. LOL This past week I made Orange/Banana Marshmallows. I liked them and thought Dad would also. Sure enough he called this weekend and Loved them. With summer just about on us...some of my chocolate items will be leaving my online shops. Too hot to mail and with the economy as it is not many going for the exotic in baked goods. I am also closing my store at Lollishops. Its a great venue but not working out as I had hoped. Tis a shame. I've meet some really great folks who also sell there. So now you will only find CoveredinChocolate at Esty for the time being. Tomorrow I'll be playing in the kitchen with some cookie recipes Wooooohoooooooo....I haven't had a chance to play lately with cookies and looking forward to measuring, baking, and TASTING!!! Can you say "CHOCOLATE" some will be in chip form, some will be in covered form, and some will be chocolate through and through! Watch for updates on the new cookies!

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