Wednesday, April 1, 2009

New computer

The computer that operates my three online business’s was built in the fall of 1999. I purchased it early 2000. In computer lifetimes she is as old in technology as the first Apple we all drooled over when some of us were just youngsters in a exciting new times of the 80’s. This Compaq has served me daily, only once having to go the repair shop - a month before the 3 year service contract ran out. The hard drive was acting up and hence was replaced. Following that the last 6 years she has run like a perfect little computer with very little acting up. The other member of my household has gone through 3 desktops and 2 laptop computers. He must be really rough in his activities when online. No he just enjoys new gadgets…it’s a man thing. I still have plenty of storage space on this old baby. But as my artwork advances I no longer can put on new software programs. The manufacturers are not making for XP anymore. My XP is also just Widows updates. This computer real working program is Windows 98. I love this computer I know the programs inside out. Yesterday I became the proud mamma of a brand new laptop. Toshiba. 3GB of ram, 320GB memory. More than enough computer for anything I do. She’s fast, she’s slick, and the new programs on it already make my head spin. I’m just thrilled to now be able to go anywhere and do my work. I’ll no longer be tied to the home office. In fact all my updates and new listings for my products will be done at the local library or coffee shop that have wi-fi. Dialup is fine for home and old computers but gotta get with the new age and speed is the name of the game for me now. So the next few weeks I’ll be learning new things, new ways, and new products will be forthcoming. All I can say is “Watch Out!”


  1. We just replaced a computer too! We purchased our first computer (Dell) in 2000 and did an upgrade 2 years ago...but we just really need something new. So, we got a IMac. Isn't it so cool how fast these new ones are???

    Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Hi Miss covered in chocolate,
    I just joined the lollishop merchant team and am checking out everyones blogs.
    I too have started using a laptop and I am loving it beyond words. Gotta pace myself though or I'll never get any art work done :)
    Happy blogging to you,
    starrydeborah (thefrenchteacup)


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