Sunday, March 29, 2009

Volcano Ash in Anchorage

<--Volcano Ash on my car this morning! Living in Anchorage a mere 100 miles from Mount Redoubt an active volcano is exciting. South Central Alaska has been on volcano alert since January. The last few weeks the Mt. Redoubt has decided life needs a little reminder. So in the fashion of volcano’s she decided to huff and puff her way into the news. First the towns and cities south of Anchorage, Homer, Kenai where in the wake of the dangers…ASH. Ash has dangers. Not only to a person health; but also of going about your daily business. Ruins the paint on your car, damages the engines of cars, will scratch up your windows when you turn on the wipers. Harms home electronics. Airline passengers stand stranded as planes are grounded. Everything comes to a halt. Anchorage yesterday now stands in the wake of ash from Mt. Redoubt. At 3:20pm, March 28, 2009 an eruption towering into the air currents up to 40,000 feet floated over the 100miles in a dark cloud, raining tiny particles of Ash over cars, yards, and homes as it traveled north to Anchorage. I have experienced two different volcano’s activity here in Anchorage. My first experience was 1992 and now 17 years later. Gardens will be glorious this summer. Ash is a gardeners delight! Plus the scientists and geologists are filled with excitement of learning more of active volcanoes. As I woke this morning to gray skies and dusty dirty snow outside my windows. I am again amazed of the way Earth shows her growing pains. Anchorage Daily Newspaper has a wonderful website covering Mount Redoubt and her activities:


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  2. I love volcanoes and the way they set off the sunsets. Have you guys had break up yet? Break up! I miss the lingo of Alaska. Down here it's called.."spring" and we just got dumped on with a few inches just yesterday!


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