Saturday, July 18, 2009

Trial and Error

Over the last few days I've been testing out my #1 basic recipe for my Zucchini Bread. A short time ago I was asked by a bakery to sell this recipe to them. I said no. Plain and simple its mine and it can not be beat for taste. Yes I know its good and I'm not above on bragging on it ! I know many cooks say oh Mine is Great...but read my lips: MINE IS SIMPLY THE BEST. It took me a long time to prefect this recipe soooooo now I'm adding additional treats in it. Let me tell you all the new flavors I will be adding to my shop at Etsy:
Totally Gourmet Zucchini Mini Loaves ->
Almond Jalapeno Cheese
Wasabi Nut
Five nuts plus one (pumpkin, sunflower, pine nut, almond, pecan, and chocolate chips)
Fruits Ole' (ohhhh you are going to love this one)
I can't wait to load these into my listings and start selling! Over the next weekend I'll be stocking the shop up once again for the holidays. Summer is half over and the heat will end, school will begin and I need to be ready with tasty treats and desserts!

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  1. I love this! Your creations look so inviting! You know, our wedding anniversary is coming up on the 30th. ;)



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