Thursday, August 20, 2009

2009 Emmy Awards

I have had the most exciting last two days. Has even been better than when I was a kid waiting for Santa Claus to bring a zagillion presents. Just a side note: I still believe!
Covered In Chocolate is GOING TO THE
For those folks at Etsy if you been visiting the forums you might have notice a posting by one of the folks doing a Emmy Gifting Suite. They also selected a handful of Etsy sellers to have the opportunity of being sponsored by Emgering Magazine.
I was One whose shop was selected In that Handful!
Don't laugh yes I know my items are not fancy nor elegant but my Truffles are to die for and I know my pictures do not do my Gourmets Sweets justice~ They are the best you could ever taste! Now that I'm going to be in the Lime Light (oh god I looked icky in green LOL) I will be updating pics and making things look more professional. But you know you can take the girl out of the county but you can't take the county out of the girl! Anyhow I'm just so excited! This truly is a once in a lifetime chance for a moment of frame! My sweetie has been teasing me "well What are you Going to Do when Miss Oprah calls" and Says "oh my dear could you sent off 200 dozens of your key lime truffles so that we can hand out to our guests next week at the studio." Okay I'm being silly but Honestly I'm so dazzled by this. I called my Mother yesterday to share the joy with her and we cried. We are silly women I admit it. But she was just thrilled to hear that in my small world here in Alaska far away from family that I have been blessed with creations that are going to the EMMYS!!!! I wish to Thank Cher and Stef the owners of Emerging Magazine, Inc along with their Board members who are the sponsors for my creations to go to the 2009 Emmy Awards Gift Suites. If you would like to read all about this excitement, please visit the website: Thrill ~ thrilled ~ thrilling!!! Just to show you I'm going all Grown Up to the Emmy's a preview of my new Banner, which also will be a few other things:


  1. Thank you for posting this! When you told us of your excitement and your mother's as well. We certainly felt good knowing we had chosen the right person.

    I found it a pleasure speaking with you a few days ago, I actually was excited for you! Thank you so much for you kind words.

    May you have an awe-inspiring day and we at Emerging Magazine wish for you the greatest success.

    Emerging Magazine, Inc

  2. One other thing, we wrote about your products at


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