Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A long Week of Change

This past week over at 1000markets a new & improve site was released to many of the merchants dismay. So I spent the week learning new formats and voicing my opinions on the good and the horrible aspects that followed with the change. I'm not one to hold back when I'm not in the majority of those who think change to a website is helpful. But I'll give it a honest review in a couple of months again. Right now I'm trying to maintain and live with the change. Because actually there is nothing one can do now. I also been busy preparing my products to go to the 2009 Emmy Awards Gifting Suite that is being sponsored by Emerging Magazine! I'm happy to say they were mailed today by USPS large flat rate priority mail. As you can tell from the photo each Gift Bag will be receiving 6 products plus a Media Packet that includes, business card, menu of products, and a gift certificate. I really had a lot of fun deciding which products to send plus preparing the different products. I will be setting up a "2009 Emmy Awards Gift Package" to sell at my CoveredinChocolate shop. After wrapping everything up nicely and packing into mailing box it was a mad dash to post office to mail my precious items. If you haven't been to the Post Office in awhile to mail a package let me tell you - Flat Rate Priority is the Only Way To Mail! And the Prices again have risen :-( Tis a bit costly to mail. We have been spoiled for a very long time by reasonable shipping costs. Not anymore; tis cheaper to raise a child!

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