Friday, September 11, 2009

My Favorite Mushroom

As in several posts I have mentioned a beautiful mushroom called 'Lobster Mushroom'.  Its a mushroom that is available from late May to end of September growing in the Pacific Northwest states.

To me it is a mushroom that the cost $18.00 a pound is not going to stop me from purchasing.  I will miss these tasty morsels when the season ends. Its a heavy thick mushroom, so a pound is only a few pieces but once sliced is a lot of yummy bite fulls for the two folks here!  We get two meals out of a pound.

I cook them in a simple manner: sliced, cooked in just butter, pepper, & with a dash of Grey Sea Salt.

We have eaten them stacked high on a spinach salad, as a side dish to a lemon chicken and rice and as a "taco" on a pepper flour shell warmed & with a handful of lettuce with a Ranch dressing. I also have added them to a soup for additional color and flavor.

If you have the opportunities to eat different foods DO IT!  I love to try different tasty morsels!  But it also needs to have color to excite me when trying new food items.  I've tried several different cultural foods and they taste oooooh so good but sometimes lack color so they seem a tad boring.  So mix it up when cooking.  Add lots of colorful veggies, fruit sliced thin served chilled along side the dinner add so much appeal.

Lobster mushrooms are a bright cheerful color which for the most part when cooked retains its beauty.
Plus the flavor is so like its name: Lobster! 


  1. I always see lobster mushrooms at the farmer's market, now I'll have to buy some!

  2. Ohhhh Jill try them! Tell the vendor you have not had them before and they Will also be real happy to show you by slicing in half that the mushroom is good or what is bad and make suggestions on how to clean and cook them!

    You want to pick ones that are firm and have no soft brown spots for sure ~ if a small bad spot is there have the vendor cut it off and buy the rest! They do require a good cleaning to get dirt off sometimes.


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