Friday, April 30, 2010

Yam It Up

Soup of any kind is one of my favorite quick and easy meals to plan and create.

Leeks are fast cooking and bring a wonderful flavor to any meal.  After a friend and her children visited the other day; I decided to just do soup for dinner and wanted something fairly fast.  I had already had my leeks sliced, and had been in a water/salt rinse for over two hours. 

All I had to do was cook them.  Taking the sliced leeks out of the rinse bath and then running fresh water again over them, they were tossed in the soup pot with butter, spices and one frozen cube of chicken stock plus 4 cups water.  Within 40 minutes dinner was just about ready.  Wanting more color I decided to add one yam.  Peeled it, then sliced and diced into small cubes to cook quickly.

Ta Da: Yam it up Leek Soup ~

Rounding out the meal a new bread I have discovered ~ I visit Carr's grocery store on Dimond and Jewel Lake every few months...had been there the day before and had picked up fresh baked mini loaf of bread: Black Pepper/Blue Cheese.  This mini loaf is unbelievable delicious! 

All I can say is "Perfection!"

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