Thursday, April 22, 2010

Eating Bitefuls of Sawdust

Ever eat a item so dry it felt like sawdust?  Croutons remind me of sawdust, even when one pours a liquid dressing on top of those crunchy bits my mouth sends a message to my brain 'sawdust'. 

We are a house divided on croutons.  My guy really enjoys them, I don't.  So I will purchase a bag of different types for his eating pleasure with his salads.  Usually though, they sit in the pantry forgotten and then tossed in trash after determining that they have been in the pantry past the expiration date.

I'm also a person who likes my bread lightly browned when toasted but not tortured on both sides turning that slice into a rock; a slight crunch on top with a wonderful softness of the fluffy cooked dough is the type of toasted bread I enjoy.

Today's Gourmet Sweet Treat picture is: Pecan Cookie Bars (before slicing & cutting bars)

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