Thursday, August 5, 2010

Cheesecake Brownie Dessert when one slice is never enough

Today I met a handful of friends for lunch.  One dear friend was in town visiting from Washington and we rarely get to see her and her husband. So those of us who don't work in the corporate rat race all got to spent a short but most wonderful time.

For fun I baked Cheesecake Brownie as a surprise for all.  Tis one of my favorite desserts and only made for special occasions!  My recipe makes an 8 1/2" round  dessert.  Eight Slices of pure delight!

A bottom layer of Rich chocolate brownie topped with fluffy cheesecake and then drizzled with white chocolate gauche.  YUMMY!

Will be adding to the 1k shop for ordering!  A small 4 slice cake, an 8 slice cake and a 10 slice cake.  Available for hand delivery in the Anchorage area or mailed overnight express to all other US states. 
Great for those birthday parties for those who have exotic taste buds or just a simple family get together. 

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