Sunday, August 15, 2010

Spenard Farmers Market

Until September 30th on Saturday is Spenard Farmers Market.   Farmers and crafters together making it work in a style that is really awesome.  A fun place for those of you in Anchorage to visit!

Alaskans I tell ya “Live for summers fresh veggies”
I know I over indulge in all the greens that I can.  The only thing I have never really eaten all my life is peas.  Don’t like that mushy taste.  Love split pea soup…and I honestly make the world’s best Pea Soup.   
A farmer was at his table yesterday and had a bag of what I thought fat green beans but after being told "no those are Sweet Pea’s" with a snicker and quick reply “I don’t like pea’s and I’ll pass on those”  but his snapped a pod open for me and offered them to me to sample.  Putting a little green ball in my mouth I was expecting the worse but was totally surprised.
I loved them ~ OMG so sweet!  I will be making a soup or casserole with them for sure in the next couple of days. 
I also got kale, zucchini, plus a bag of potatoes, and a new item to try out zucchini blossoms, along with those sweet peas and kohlrabi; which is a great chopped to add flavor to soups – it is nice fried also.
A healthy stew for you and oh so tasty! Kale Stew:

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