Thursday, February 26, 2009

Yes this is dinner from last night!

cAs I said we eat rather well in this household. I love to cook, I love to bake, I love trying out new recipes, I love doing old recipes. I have my favorites, and the man who eats my cooking has his favorites . When I hit the jackpot he says "Can we have this again" then I know the recipe is a keeper. He loves wild rice. If you do not know wild rice is black and takes longer to cook and has a nutty crunchy taste - it is also a more expensive rice to purchase. I love rice of any flavor! Red rice is fun, brown rice is nice, and white rice although bleached out it is just pretty to look at. I like rice on the side, fried is omg so good, in soups, as mixture of the main course, but not as dessert. So to help the grocery budget I get Black Rice and jasmine rice and mix them together so that the flavors can mingle and makes the Black Rice last longer. So we had roasted boneless & skinless chicken breast with BBQ sauce added last 15 minutes of cbaking, my rice dish, red/green/yellow fried pepper slices, and the ever favorite of both of us - Asparagus. On the asparagus I roasted in the oven just a little to was not quite overdone but was close. Asparagus cooked should still have a slight snap to it when you bite into it. If you bite down and its mushy well thats just nasty and wayyyyyyyyyy over cooked!

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