Sunday, March 1, 2009

Baking Mistakes

Yes every now and then I do create a ugly or a monster that just won't go away. Most of my dessert I truly love to bake and can not wait to eat them. Last week I tried some new baking pans for brownies. I wanted to become the brownie queen. I desired to amaze my customers. I wanted them to be so delighted they danced in the streets. I thought oh these pop brownie pan would be perfect for me...brought it. Not cheap either folks...stirred up a quick batch of brownies, spooned the mixture into the silcone pop pan (does 8 at a time and takes 35 minutes to cook) Then waited and waited for cooling so I could get these little brownie pops out onto the cooling racks. They do come out easy; once I learned the popping trick of pushing from the bottom. Once on cooling rack they sorta look like a mound of science gone bad. Just totally weird looking. So I though okay its just me, I am old fashion in what things baked should look like - must get with the times. Told myself to buck up and frost those mounds. Frosting idea went to another corner of my mind very fast. Do you wonder how your brain works some days? I do. My brain seems to be on another planet on rare moments like this: Decided instead to dip in chocolate and make them look pretty for a little girls birthday party. My creation of ugly ---> I found pink chocolate coating over a chocolate brownie is not so pretty. Even after putting sprinkles all over it. Maybe some little girl will jump for joy but not this big girl. I will admit I did taste and they were lovely, its just not my cup of tea for that vision in my mind.

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