Sunday, March 15, 2009

Flops in the Kitchen

I'm not one for "Fresh Live" fish in the kitchen. Did live Maine lobsters once that was flown in, sitting on my brother in laws lap. From Boston to St. Louis. The lobsters were huge and my pots almost too small. They tried clawing their way out of the boiling water. I had to leave the kitchen and let my mother beat them back in the pots. To this day if not in the case on ice already taken apart (I only like the tail anyhow of lobsters) I do not venture over to the fresh tanks. Nope nope nope. Wish I could but my brain and tummy just will not get over that picture of long ago of those helpless creatures. Most of my family enjoy fish of any type. My sister does the most awesome Orange Roughy. My moms crap cakes are heavenly. And I do a great shrimp scampi. The man I live with now even though he was raised in San Francisco the capitol of Seafood, he does not anything other than lobster or shrimp and of course King Crab. Every few weeks just to make him healthy I serve up a fish. He grumbles but does eat what he calls "carrotfish". He does not like carrots either so his reference is to let me know he is eating it but does not care for it. Anchorage has a large market for 'fresh and live' one market has the live water tanks. This weeks special was Alaska Orange King Crab. Smaller than the Red King Crab but when cooked almost tastes the same. I'm going over today to see if any are left. But I will have them cook them up for me an offer they are doing for free when you purchase the crab.

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