Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring Chocolate

Having brought a new cookie mold pan I ventured into making chocolate candies with it. Its a Wilton "Easter" cookie sheet pan but it is so Spring looking I could not resist trying it out to see if I could make chocolate candy bars from it. The sheet has flowers, rabbits, eggs, watering can, chicks, a lady bug all the right combo's for 'jumping into Spring'. Melting the white chocolate and mixing it with Oreo cookies crumbs then pouring very carefully into the molds. After a short time in the fridge to let the candy set I brought the sheet out and tapped gently and ... It worked! Perfectly molded candy bars. Showing the design of each making my little ole heart sing with joy. The cookie sheet makes 12 different shapes. Plenty of candy to go around a family of four. The group of 12 candy bars weighs in at just over One Pound. I know my little dessert tester in San Francisco will be enjoying these treats! He called when I sent the first group of White Chocolate down to him and he said to quote him "You got a winner here - I want to purchase a bunch of these - make them up and send me a bill so I can mail you a check!" I had to don't charge Parents for anything! I am more than happy just mailing my sweets to him for testing them out and for making him have a special day of joy.

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