Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Chocolate Candy

As my name is Covered in Chocolate...this post is about classy candy. I am about to begin a testing with my chocolate truffles I create. New flavors will be coming to my shop soon. Watch out you sweet tooth folks! Anyhow going to also try using some of those classics we all like and grew up with. M&M's has the new and fancy candies called M&M premiums Yummm. I tried the triple Chocolate today not bad! Thought I would use them as a topper on two of my truffles just to add something cute. What do you think? I thought the blue almond ones looked great but didn't purchase will have to try next time. Then I also tried Lindt 'Lindor Truffles' the swiss white chocolate with a smooth filling. OMG really good. For a candy bar its the best. So it will be a added treat on the side of one of my handmade super Key Lime or Orange Truffles. Tune in a few days from now to see pics!

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  1. Mmmmmm...chocolate! Yummy. Looking forward to your creations - truffles are my favorite :)


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